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Existing Energy Generators - Grant Available!


Your legal requirement to bring your energy generating equipment up to the latest Grid code standards.

EnergyForce is listed on the Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) website as a contractor capable of undertaking these upgrade works and assisting with grant applications.

The Accelerated Loss of Mains change programme (ALoMCP) is now live throughout the United Kingdom. This scheme is run by both the National Grid and Distribution Network Operators (DNO's).

The purpose of the scheme is to update the Loss of Mains (LOM) protection for existing energy generators. Amongst other reasons, one of the main benefits is the reduction of tripping by relaxing the Rate of Change of Frequency (RoCoF). This will add stability to the electrical grid network.

It is a legal requirement for generators to undertake the required works to ensure you remain compliant with the latest grid code. A deadline has been set in which all generators must have undertaken the required changes, however a grant scheme has been rolled out to help make the required upgrades early.

This grant scheme is being rolled out on a first come first serve basis and EnergyForce is listed on the Energy Networks Association's (ENA) website as a contractor capable of undertaking these upgrade works.

EnergyForce can upgrade your relay or update your device protection settings potentially for free, ensuring your generation equipment stays compliant to the latest standards whilst also undertaking the required grant submission. The grant is on a first come first serve basis and there is no guarantee that your application will be successful. However, to increase your chances we suggest getting in contact with us today to start the process. The costs associated with the upgrades are also dependent upon your individual site circumstances.

Currently, there are four windows to make your grant submissions:

Window Opening Day Closing Day Duration
Window 1 02/10/2019 12/11/2019 6 Weeks
Window 2 13/11/2019 11/02/2020 3 Months
Window 3 12/02/2020 12/05/2020 3 Months
Window 4 13/05/2020 11/08/2020 3 Months

All upgrade works will need to be undertaken with or without a grant. However, we urge all generators to act quickly to increase their chances of securing a grant.

EnergyForce also have wider expertise to advise on your renewable energy generator’s performance and maintenance requirements. Please contact us for more information on our Monitoring, Operations and Maintenance services.

How do you apply:

Contact EnergyForce

We will discuss your energy generator with you, explain the process and send you our Accelerated Loss of Mains Programme form to collect the required information. We are also on hand to assist you with this.

Sign a 'Letter of Authority' document

If we believe we can help, we will send a 'Letter of Authority' document where you give EnergyForce permission to act on your behalf to undertake the required works and grant submission.

Our Engineers will carry out the upgrades

Once we have approval, our engineers will carry out the required upgrades.

We collect the payment from the programme

EnergyForce will receive the payment for the works undertaken by the programme.

Please be aware there is no guarantee for acceptance of the grant application or that the grant received will cover the cost. However, we advise all generators to apply through us early to avoid disappointment as well as understanding your site requirements.

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